What Knife Stays Sharp For The Longest Time

A knife is a busy tool for the kitchen, though it needs to be sharp for proper use. A Sharp knife is a dream for cooking professionals. So, what knife stays sharp for the longest time, is a common question for every expert.

There are some knives that keep its sharpness lifetime. Without these categories, some blades are staying sharp for a long time. With continuous use, every knife’s blade edge can become dull, except those categories.

However, as the knife blade is made of soft metal, it needs extra care for long-lasting or sharp.

Longest Lasting Knife Edge

Japanese, German, and French all are good-quality knives. If we use these properly, it holds the edge for the longest time. Typically, even if made with the same material, a serrated edge knife will cut more than a plane knife. Also, some longest-lasting knife edges are made of expensive and new steel.

However, while S30V and D2 are not too expensive, it holds the edge for a considerable time. On the other hand, ceramic knives are terribly sharp and also keep for it long time.

What Kind Of Kitchen Knives Never Need Sharpening?

Typically, if we use knives long time, it will be dull. Most knives become dull during work continuously. This mainly occurs for the cutting surface, storage, and types of food. But how is it, if a knife never needs to sharpen?

However, no one can guarantee 100 percent that it will never dull, while some knives available on the market contain this feature. Moreover, many brands offer lifetime guarantees for this type of knife.

Kitchen Knives Which Stays Sharp The Longest


In 1978, the Ginsu knife started its journey in the USA and is one of the most famous brands in the world. It offers its customers that their knife not only stays sharp for the longest time but also lasts a lifetime.

Image Name Material Weight Details
GINSU KIS-KB-DS-014-2 14 Piece Knife Set Stainless Steel 5.32 pounds Check Details
Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 14 Piece Knife Set Stainless Steel 5.9 pounds Check Details

Miracle Blade

Miracle Blade is another brand that promises to never dull. Furthermore, it also claims to have the best accuracy for cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing. It is easy to handle and has an eye-catchy design so that people choose it.

Image Name Material Weight Details
Miracle Blade 4-Piece Steak Knife Set Stainless Steel 7.05 Ounces Check Details
Miracle Blade 11-Piece Knife Set Stainless Steel 2.77 pounds Check Details


Farberware is another best kitchen knife company that also offers a lifetime limited warranty. It is one of the most popular kitchen knife brands in the USA. The company said that their knives never need to sharpen.

Image Name Material Weight Details
Farberware 22-Pieces Knife Block and Kitchen Tool Set Stainless Steel 4.5 Pounds Check Details
Farberware- High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Set Stainless Steel 4.16 Pounds Check Details

KNasa Chef Knife

In 2017, NASA engineer created a knife from an ultra-hard alloy that is more strongest than titanium. It is very thin but harder than steel. Also, it is totally rust-free and not brittle. KNasa chef knife never needs to sharpen.

Know details about this knife, see the Gasgets & Gizmos review video.

What Knife Stays Sharp The Longest

How long should knives stay sharp? It is very difficult to find out a long-lasting sharp knife. Some factor depends on these knives. Steel alloy quality and blade care are its main features for it. On the contrary, the knife’s hardness, toughness, use, and edge geometry also play a vital role.

Good quality smooth edge Rockwell C like RC45 steel does not need to be sharpened repeatedly. On the other hand, a sharp knife needs to care for before it goes dull. Use honing steel so that it will sharpen for a long time.

We will give you some tips to find out a knife that stays sharp for a longer duration.

Firstly, a knife made of carbon steel blades cannot be beaten by any other blade. Some blades need to touch up for keeping sharp.

Secondly, ceramic blades may be another choice for long-lasting sharpness. But the main problem with these knives is less durable so that easy to break down.

And finally, stainless steel knives may be another option. But it is not more lasting than carbon steel blades. This knife blade is more durable and does not rust after quickly. As a result, these knife stays sharp for the longest time than others.

How To Keep A Knife Sharp

After a time a sharp knife may become dull. A dull knife decrease work speed in the kitchen. Hence we will give some tips for keeping a knife sharp.

  • Use honing rod
  • Use a diamond or sharpening stone like the whetstone
  • Sharpen with ceramic mugs or cups
  • During sharpening, use the proper technique
  • Using wood, plastic, or polyethylene cutting board
  • After working with the knife, cleaned and sanitized it properly
  • Store it with a knife block

Which Knife is Considered the Sharpest and Also Maintains its Sharpness for a Long Time?

The Sharpest Knife In The World is highly regarded for its exceptional sharpness and remarkable edge retention. Crafted with precision, this knife boasts a razor-sharp blade that remains keen for an extended period. Its cutting-edge technology and superior materials ensure unmatched performance, making it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike seeking long-lasting sharpness. Discover the Sharpest Knife In The World and elevate your culinary experience to new heights.


Is there a knife that never goes dull?

Some company like Ginsu, Miracle Blade, Farberware, and NASA (KNasa Chef Knife) promises that their knives that never goes dull.

What type of steel stays sharp the longest?

In one word, carbon steel and ceramic blade knives stay sharp the longest. 

Do expensive knives stay sharper longer?

Off course. But sharpness depends on the knife’s metals, not the price. Soft metal’s blade is easy to sharpen whereas harder metal is difficult to sharpen. But harder metals keep the sharpness for a long time. 

Which knife steel takes the sharpest edge?

Carbon steel blade takes the sharpest edge and is very easier to sharpen. This knife’s blade has lack chromium. So it has to be cleaned well after use. Otherwise, it will easily rust and decay.

Does a knife stay sharp forever?

No. Every knife goes dull over time. Though some company gives a lifetime guarantee, but every metal has a duration.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, though it is new equipment for your household work, it is very interesting for you if you get an excellent knife. You can realize the nature of the knife by using it a few times.

So, what knife stays sharp the longest will depends on your personal performance. Though, we have suggested some categories of knives which will stay sharp for a long.