What Are Kitchen Knife Handles Made Of

When we take a good knife in our hand, we can think about what are kitchen knife handles made of. Here we will inform you about the knife handles.

A knife’s most important feature after its blade is the handle. Good knife handles play an important role in safety and control. Kitchen knife handles are made with different types of materials.

Also, knife handles come in different sizes and shapes. In the kitchen, you have to use a knife for a long time. That’s why you need to make assured the knife is comfortable.

There are many good materials; you can make a comfortable knife handle. So stay with this article and read it till the end to know the type of the handle. That is used for kitchen knives.

Why Does A Knife’s Handle Matter?

A knife’s handle matters for its weight, safety, and good grip. A handle is important to the knife if you want to choose a knife for you. Before buying a knife, some points need to keep in mind. First, you have to see the blade’s sharpness. Then a safe, non-slippery, comfortable handle, and weight (heavy or lightweight).

Then you have to make sure the knife has got a good balance. So, you can see that handles have a very important role in knives.

Professionals also prefer non-slippery, comfortable handle knives. They can use it for a long time without giving your hand an ache. The knife’s handles are also used for safety. 

What Are Kitchen Knife Handles Made Of

Different materials are used for making knife handles. They are aluminum, carbon fiber, wood, G-10, FRN, bone, and many more.

Kitchen Knife Handle Materials

A knife’s handle is mainly designed for good comfort and safety. If you want to know what materials are used, then this is an informative article for you to enhance your knife knowledge.

1. Bone Handle

In ancient times, bone was a common material for knives. Mainly, bone handles are used for hunting and survival knives. But in modern times, bone handles are also used in kitchen knives. Generally, elephant and buffalo bones were used in ancient times.

Moreover, animal bones such as cows, buffalo horns, and many more are used for handles. Cow bones are popular for bone handles because of their availability.

Bones can be dyed in colors. So it is possible to give the bones a beautiful look in the manufacturing process. It adds a good look to your kitchen knives.

It can also be carved into ergonomic shapes. But bone handles are very temperature and moisture sensitive. It is very slippery by nature. So this type of handle needs to have texture so that it doesn’t slip from the hand.

2. Wood Handle

Wood has been used for kitchen knives for a long time ago. Suppose you dig into the history. You can see the wood handles used are old. This handle can be both expensive and cheap. This type of handle gives an aesthetic look to a kitchen knife. It is also easy to give ergonomic shapes and designs to it.

However, knife makers preferred hardwood for handles because this wood is naturally durable and impact resistant. This wood is expensive, so it is only used for expensive kitchen knives. But for an inexpensive kitchen knife, stabilized wood is used.

Stabilized wood is processed wood. It is made with plywood and a mix of resins. This type of wood also gives a good look to a kitchen knife. But it is not very durable and doesn’t last a long time.  

3. Aluminum Handle

Aluminum is a silver-colored material. It is also very lightweight and non-metallic, and an affordable metal for knife handles.

It also has many color options. Most importantly, this material is rustproof and erosion resistant. It is excellent for long-term use and beauty.

These kinds of handles are slippery. But it is possible to improve the grip quality by adding some texture. T6-6061 aluminum is used for the kitchen knife handle. 

4. G-10 Handle

G-10 knife handles are the strongest material that is used in kitchen knives. These are fiberglass laminated handles. They are made with layers of glass and epoxy compressed together. These handles are compatible with carbon fiber and micarta handles.

The G-10 is extremely durable and has a smooth finish. This handle is also chemically resistant, and it doesn’t absorb much moisture. It is also very lightweight, and rust and erosion free.

This handle is used on expensive knives. And has an excellent look that will impress anyone. Steak knives and Damascus blade knives are made with a G-10 handle. Professionals also love kitchen knives with G-10 handles on them. 

5. FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) Handle

FRN is mainly made with a material called ZYTEL. DuPont™ is the owner and developer of this material. And DuPont™ is owned by a chemical company called DOW®. These handles are made with fiberglass and rubberized resins. That’s why it became indestructible.

This type of handle is so strong that it will last a long time. The price of this material is reasonable and competitive with any other fiber handle. 

6. Carbon Fiber Handle

This handle is made of carbon fiber. It is also known as graphite fiber. Carbon fiber handles are very durable and have high chemical resistance. But these materials come with a higher price tag. It has high heat tolerance, especially when it’s mixed with resin.

The fiber can be shaped into various types of ergonomic and cool designs. In contrast, these handles can be brittle on heavy impact.  

7. Titanium Handle

Titanium handles are like aluminum handles. But it is more upgraded than aluminum. This handle is very lightweight. That’s why it is very comfortable to use.

It has more scratch and dent-resistant capability. This material has a higher erosion-resistant capability than any other material on the market. The anodizing process can give this material handles any color. Ti6Al4V type of titanium is used as kitchen knife handles. 

8. Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless steel knife handles are cheaper than aluminum and titanium handles. But this material gives some extra weight to the knife. This material also has erosion and rust resistance capabilities. It is made with chromium, which helps to become rust and corrosion free.

These handles have a clear and reflective surface on them. This steel gets very slippery when it gets wet. But by adding rubber dots or textures, this problem can be fixed.

How To Take Care Of A Kitchen Knife Handle?

There are various types of handles. But all handles don’t need lots of care. Wooden handles are very delicate. They need good care and maintenance. With proper maintenance and care, wood handles can be used for a long time.

How to Care for Your Kitchen Knife Handles

In this article, we inform you about what are kitchen knife handles made of. Now we will tell you how to care for your knife handles. 

First, we have to know why the kitchen knife handle gets damaged. 

  • Using the dishwasher can easily damage the kitchen knife handle. 
  • Don’t keep your kitchen knives soaking in the sink. 
  • Never keep your knives in direct sunlight.

To keep your knife and knife handles safe, you have to follow some methods. 

  • Clean your kitchen knife with water and wipe out the water using a clean cloth. 
  • Use a knife rack or a drawer to keep the knife safely. Never keep your knife with other tools. In that way, your knife can be damaged. 
  • Most importantly, you have to use oil on your knife and the handle with oil.

Oiling is essential for the knife handle and the blade too. Your kitchen knife will be good for a long time if you use oil two times a year. Otherwise, you may need to replace the kitchen knife or handle.

For oiling your knife, you have to take a clean cloth and apply 2 to 3 drops of oil to your knife. There are many types of oils in the market. But some of the best oil names are given below.

  • Ballistol oil
  • Danish oil
  • Linseed oil  


What plastic is used for knife handles?

Plastic is a staple of knife handles due to its availability, affordability, and easy maintenance. Polypropylene, Polyoxymethylene, and ABS are three polymers that are most used in a knife handle.

What is the best wood for kitchen knife handles?

Because of durability, hardwood is the best for kitchen knife handles. Most of the wooden knife handle is made with oak, koa, African blackwood, desert ironwood,  olive wood, walnut, and bloodwood.

What are old cutlery handles made of?

Old cutlery handles are attractive and very expensive. It is made of bone, antler, ivory, or tortoiseshell.

Is oak a good wood for a knife handle?

Oak is so much more stable and durable than other woods, and it is very easy to engrave. As a result, It can be made into an aesthetic design, which enhances the beauty of the knife. In one word, it is perfect for any kind of knife handle.

Final Thoughts

After reading the article we know, what are kitchen knife handles made of? Here we share all the types of handles. And also tell you how to maintain your knife handles.

So it can last a long time, but you have to take good care of your knives. Only in that way can you ensure the full potential of a kitchen knife. 

When you buy a kitchen knife for yourself, your main goal is to get good output from that. And the handle of a knife is the main key point of its safety and comfort.