Is A Whetstone Better Than Other Sharpeners?

What’s your opinion about a whetstone? It is a long-time debate among knife experts and kitchen enthusiasts whether is a whetstone better than other sharpeners or not.

Knives are really important tools in the kitchen that’s why should buy a sharpener that doesn’t reduce the knife’s material. And the knife will last for a long time.

Some people like sharpening knives with sharpeners because it is user-friendly, time-efficient, and low maintenance. On the other hand, some people like whetstone because of its sharpening performance, sharpening control, and durability. 

So, let’s assess which one is better to use in the kitchen.

Whetstone vs Sharpener


Whetstone also called knife sharpening stone is an ancient tool to sharpen a knife. It is suitable for all knives, gives better results, and is also cheap, and long-lasting. 


  • You can sharp Japanese-style and German-style knives with a whetstone. 
  • Proper sharpening training, gives excellent results when it is time to sharpen a knife. 
  • It improves control of the angle of a knife and makes the damaged blade edge far better than before. 


  • Comparatively less convenient than sharpening a knife.
  • Need time to get a perfect laser sharp edge.
  • Need to practice for a long time to get a good edge.

There are three types of whetstone available on the market oil whetstone, traditional whetstone, and diamond whetstone.


On the other hand, when you are looking for something that is easy to use, save time, and you can sharpen a knife without any skill a sharpener will work best for you. Without a knife sharpener, you can also sharpen your knife. But sometimes it is difficult or wastes your time.


  • You don’t need to control your knife when you are sharpening with a knife sharpener. 
  • It’s perfect for newbies. 
  • It is for getting effortless knife sharpening. 


  • Hard to get a perfect edge
  • Possibility to get scratched on the knife
  • Expensive

There are two types of sharpeners available in the market. Manual knife sharpener and Electric sharpener

Is A Whetstone Better Than Other Sharpeners

As I discussed above, both knife-sharpening tools have benefits and drawbacks. But experts always choose whetstone over sharpener. That being said, when sharpening a knife, if you are always looking for a knife that will give you the best result, then it is ideal for your kitchen.

A whetstone always gives a perfect shape edge. Although it is time-consuming and practice a long time to get the desired sharp edge. It is quite cheaper than a sharpener. It also gives you control over how you want to sharpen your knife, not the sharpener. So, that’s why it is better than other sharpeners.


Is a whetstone the best way to sharpen a knife?

Yes. Whetstone is always the best way to sharpen a knife because it gives better results than a sharpener. While sharpening a knife, the goal is to get the perfect shape of the knife.

Can you sharpen any knife with a whetstone?

Yes. Absolutely. There are many knife-sharpening whetstones available in the market. You can use traditional, oil and diamond whetstone to sharpen your knife.

Are whetstones hard to use?

Yes. Sharpening with a whetstone is not for beginners. A whetstone is always used by experts because it requires training. With practice and training, sharpening with a whetstone will be easier for you.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you sharpen your knife with a whetstone or with a sharpener, it totally depends on you. But all I can recommend is that whetstone for experts and a knife sharpener for the beginner. If you are a novice, then a sharpener is better for you. And if you are an expert like a chef or knife enthusiast, then whetstone is for you. 

So, select a sharpening stone a knife sharpener good for you by evaluating your experience and professionalism. A whetstone is better than other sharpeners for experts. But for beginners, a sharpener is better than a whetstone.

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