How To Sharpen A Knife Without A Knife Sharpener

What if I told you that you don’t need a sharpener to sharpen your knife?

Yes. You read that right. Don’t need a sharpener if you know how to sharpen a knife without a knife sharpener.  

You might have bought a dozen of your favorite knives. After using it for half a year or one year your knives got rusty. Now you decided to sharpen all your knives. But after a moment you realized that you don’t have a knife sharpener.

LOOK! You are not alone. I have been there too. But I discovered some household ways to sharpen my knife without a tool that made a sharp knife. So, let me share with you all of my magical knife sharpening techniques without a sharpener that will save you money.

Importance Of Sharpening Knife With Proper Equipment

A sharp knife is a great knife. Because it always makes you happy. Apart from that a sharp knife always saves you from culinary disaster. It will make you more efficient when it is time to cut, chop or slice something quickly. It will save your valuable time. 

Although, the main focus of this article is how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. But it is recommended that you sharpen your knife with the right tools because it is specially designed for this. So, everyone needs to sharpen their knives with the proper equipment. 

For that particular reason, you should invest your money on the right sharpener. Because it is no wonder that it will give you better results than others. So, it is up to you whether you will buy an electric sharpener, handheld sharpener, or even the most used sharpening stone.

Knife Sharpening Techniques Without A Sharpener

You can use different ways to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. I have found dozens of knife-sharpening techniques on the internet. I had tried all of them. After examining, I have five better ways to sharpen with household tools. So, I would like to share with you all techniques. 

How to sharpen a knife using ceramic mug

With A  Mug

You can sharpen a knife with a mug but it has to be made with ceramic. The cool thing about ceramic mugs is that they are available everywhere. It could be your coffee mug. If you look at the bottom of the ceramic cup you will see a rough kind of ceramic edge under the cup.

How to sharpen a knife with another knife

With Another Knife

If you have one sharp knife, you can sharpen your knife with another one. Try to use the duller knife to run along the spine of the other knife. Repeat this process until you get a sharp edge on your knife. Until you will get a nice little edge you should keep sharpening them.

How to sharpen a knife with sandpaper

With Sandpaper

You can sharpen a knife with sandpaper. Sandpaper is another great makeshift knife sharpener to sharpen your knife. It is almost similar to the rough sharpening stone. Although it is not an everyday item, it is a cheap and useful item to keep in the house.

You will get the best result if you use it on a block of wood that has a flat surface. It will make it easier to sharpen the knife.

How to sharpen a knife with a honing rod

With  Rod

For a knife, sharpening with a rod is considered one of the best options by many kitchen experts. People like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver instruct on youtube how to sharpen a knife with a honing rod.

So, a metal rod can be an ideal honing tool for your kitchen. It can be any type of steel rod nook and corner of your house. 

How to sharpen a knife on a stone

On stone 

It is the oldest way to sharpen among all the knife sharpening techniques. But the problem is all of the sharpening stones are not flat. 

So, you always need to choose a stone that is flat. You can easily sharpen a knife on a flat stone. You can work more flexibly on a flat stone than on a different shape stone.


Can you sharpen a knife without a sharpener?

Yes. It is achievable to sharpen a kitchen knife without an expensive sharpener. You can use a ceramic mug, steel rod, stone, sandpaper, and even another knife. You can hone your knife with these household items. If you have any knife sharpener in your kitchen arsenal then it is not recommended. 

What household items can you use to sharpen a knife?

There are lots of household items to sharpen your knife. You can try all of these methods by using some household items at your fingertips. You can use a steel rod, stone, sandpaper, another knife, and a ceramic mug.

Do you need oil to sharpen a knife?

It is not mandatory. But you can use oil to give the knife a smoother run on the sharpening tools. Adding oil can make the knife more flexible on the sharpening tools. You also don’t need to give much pressure on the sharpening tools. 

How do I sharpen a knife fast and easily?

To sharpen your knife fast and easily, you can use the Bench Stone knife sharpener. By using these homemade tools, you can sharpen your knife within 90 sec. Also, this product is user-friendly. You just need to put the knife on the sharpener. 

Final Thoughts

So, to make your dull knife into a sharp one, don’t need to buy a knife sharpener. You can sharpen your knife without it. You can try all of those methods. I hope, one or two of those methods you will find useful. 

To make your kitchen knife sharp every time. You should know how to sharpen it without a sharpener. It will give you extra relief when your knife sharpener is lost or broken.

But, indeed, knife sharpening tools always give better results than any other household item. Suppose, you are looking for a better honing result then household items are not enough for you. You should use knife sharpening tools that are designed for it. You will get more efficient results with it.

If you know of any other effective ways to sharpen a knife without a knife sharpener, please let us know in the comment section.