How Long Do Knife Sets Last

Knives are a ubiquitous thing in our daily lives. There are lots of uses for knives. But a common question can buzz in our heads: how long do knife sets last?

It is worth noting that a high-quality knife will last for a long time. But you have to take good care to extend its durability.

Many things depend on how long a knife set can last. The most crucial things are blade material and how often you use the knife. Next, how do you maintain your knife after using it?

According to experts, you have to take good care of your knife sets to get the best performance and durability. Also, avoid using knives on hard surfaces like granite, ceramic, marble, steel, and glass. 

Because when someone uses ceramic, steel, granite, or marble as a chopping board. The edge will gradually get dull. After that, the blade begins to deteriorate.

Thus, if you have a quality knife set and maintain it correctly, the knife set will last for a long time. 

However, I’ll explain all of these through the article. So, stay tuned for the best knife set performance and durability.

Can Knives Last Forever?

How long do knife sets last: it is a common question to all.  Yes, a good-quality knife set can last forever. But this type of knife can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. And this type of knife is mainly used by professional chefs.  

You can also find the best quality knives by spending a couple of dollars. By spending over $100, you can get excellent knife sets. 

Worthy of mentioning, the knife won’t last forever, but it may last decades after decades. So, I prefer to choose stainless steel knives for long-lasting performance.

Can I Make My Knife Last Longer

Can I Make My Knife Last Longer?

Yes, you can. To make it last longer, you have to follow some tips and tricks. If you follow some simple rules, you can have excellent and perfect knives for a long time. 

1. Use It. Wash And Dry It

It’s essential to wash your knife and clean it properly. After cutting and chopping things, ensure that your knife gets a good cleaning

After washing your knives, clean them with a dry cloth. Because It will be going to soak all the water. 

If you don’t wash or clean it properly, there is a chance of damaging the knife’s quality. To maintain proper cleanliness, you have to wash your knife

2. Say No To Some Food

If you have a knife, you might think you can cut down everything. But sadly, it’s not true because you have to ignore some foods. 

You can’t cut big fish or meat with a smaller knife. You have to choose the right food for your knife or else your knife can be damaged. 

Also, you have to avoid frozen food or icy things. There is a big chance of damaging the knife tip or breaking the knife. 

3. Oiling The Blade

Oiling the blade can make your knife last longer. Because oiling the blade and handle prevents rusting, the blade stays good. Oiling also helps to get the knife an excellent finish.

For better results, professionals use mineral oil because it gives an excellent finish to the knife.

4. Use A Good Chopping Board

You can think that cutting or chopping board is not a significant thing. But it’s not like that. To boost your knife life cycle, a good cutting board is essential. 

Professionals always prefer wooden or plastic cutting boards. These types of materials don’t harm the blade surface. 

On the other hand, consider surfaces like ceramic, granite, and steel. It can easily damage the blade’s cutting edge.

Following these easy rules, you can have a good knife that lasts longer.

Why Won’t My Knives Stay Sharp?

There can be some reason that your knives won’t stay sharp. Firstly, low-quality knives won’t stay sharp for a long time because you won’t get a good backup from low-quality knives.

Also, frozen food can dull a knife. Knives can’t cut frozen food. As a result, you can lose your knife’s sharp edge.

But you will find average quality knives, spending around $100. You can get a good backup from that. Stainless steel knives are not so expensive. But for kitchen work, you can easily rely on that.

Do Unused Knives Get Dull?

The answer is no. Because if you store your knife in a good and dry place. It won’t get dull. If you keep something with your blades, and it gets rubbed into your knives, it can damage over time.

Significantly, if you use the dishwasher, it can gradually dull your knives.

Ceramic Knife-The World's Sharpest Knife

Which Type Of Knife Stays Sharper For Longer?

Although how long do knife sets last depends on the quality and workmanship, ceramic knives retain their sharpness for a long time. It can be very sharp, and also sharpness can last longer.

But it has significant cons. It is very fragile. It breaks easily. Carbon steel knives are also perfect for sharpness. That is hard to find, and it comes with a higher price tag.

On the other hand, Stainless steel can be a good choice for you because of its availability and reasonable price range. Also, if you sharpen the knife very well, it can last for a long time.

How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Knives?

Quality kitchen knives don’t need to be changed. Because It can stay good for a lifetime, but a good knife can be used for a decade. The question came, ‘How often should you replace kitchen knives?

It depends on the knife’s build quality and material. Carbon steel or Damascus steel is the most expensive material for knives. A knife can be costly using these materials. 

Also, you will get good-quality stainless steel knives at low price tags. It will easily last decades. However, you must take carefully maintenance of it.

If your knife has been broken or damaged, do not waste any time. Just replace your knife because there are many possibilities of getting injured by a broken knife.


Do expensive knives stay sharper longer?

If you think technically, expensive knives can stay sharper for a longer time. But we tell that knife sharpness depends on its materials and sharpening techniques earlier in this. 

Soft metals can be easy to sharpen, but you need to sharpen them for a long time. But hard metals like carbon steel and others can be hard to point, but their sharpness stays for a long time

Do stainless steel knives stay sharp?

Stainless steel can stay sharp for one to two years. It depends on the blade or knife quality. Stainless steel’s main problem or enemy is rust. 

Rust can easily damage a knife’s lifespan. You can overcome this issue by applying mineral oils to the blades. Also, you have to clean your stainless steel knives.

How often do sharpen knives?

Professionals recommend your knives should be perfectly sharpened once or twice a year. Besides that, you can also use some sharpening tools and use them after two to three uses.

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Can you sharpen a knife forever?

A knife may be sharpened easily for decades. But if you sharpen a knife, a layer of metal comes off. If it is a low-quality knife, you will not be able to sharpen the knife forever

The scenario changes when high-quality knives are in. Because these types of knives are very durable and can be sharpened nearly forever.

How much should you spend on a set of knives?

There are many types of knives set in different price ranges. But if you want good quality knife sets, you have to spend dollars. An average-level kitchen knives sets can cost you $50 to $100, depending on the quality. 

You can also find some good knife sets for around $300 to $500. Some knives set that price can be up to $2000 or more which is used by professional chefs.

Final Thoughts

You may spend a lot of money on knife sets. And you might think about how long do knife sets last. It will not last long if you won’t take good care of it.

Here, we share many tips and methods to take care of your knife sets. You have to clean your knife sets after every use. And make sure that after every wash, you should dry your knife sets properly. 

Because if there is any sort of water droplet in the knife, that can lead it to rust. Rust is a threat to silverware. To avoid rust, you have to use mineral oil and apply it to your knife sets once a month. 

In this way, your knife or knife sets can last for a long time, beyond your imagination. It can last forever.

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