Can You Sharpen A Bread Knife?

Do you have trouble slicing bread? Then, it is worth trying to sharpen your knife. Yes. You can sharpen a bread knife like any other knife of yours. But make sure you do it right.

If you sharpen your bread knife in the ways, in which you sharpen your chef knife, then you might be doing it wrong. Sometimes it might work better but it is not an effective method to sharpen, which is made with a serrated blade. So, you can sharpen it better, if you choose a different option. 

That said, if you want to get a better result with your bread knife, then you should try to sharpen your knife sharpeners which are suitable. Over time, you will get into trouble for doing this. 

In this article, I am going to share with you my tried and tested experiment to sharpen a bread knife. So, let’s deep dive into it.

Characteristics Of The Bread Knife

Generally, when it comes to slicing bread or bread-like foods, a knife with sawtoothed blades works best. That’s why another name for a bread knife is a serrated knife. Some unique characteristics make a saw-edged knife different than another knife.

  • The edge is not straight instead has a tooth-like saw.
  • Contains a long rigid blade
  • It has a large handle for stability
  • It has a moon-shaped gullet
  • One side of this knife is flat, and the other side is beveled
  • Most bread knives are made from nickel-plated stainless steel and carbon steel.

Ways To Sharpen A Bread Knife

You can sharpen a bread knife if you know, how to do it. You just need the right tools to sharpen your knife. REMEMBER THAT, THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC SERRATED KNIFE SHARPENER FOR THE SLICER KNIVES. If you try to sharpen your serrated knife with an electronic knife sharpener, you might break the bevel of the knife.  So, here are some manual ways to sharpen your knife.

Sharpening Rod 

To sharpen a serrated knife, a sharpening rod can be an ideal option to sharpen a knife. Because it is much handier to sharpen a knife with a rod-shaped sharpener. It almost looks like honing steel but it is comparatively smaller and narrower than it.  

There are three different types of sharpening rods available on the market steel, diamond, and ceramic.

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DMT Serrated Knife Sharpener

DMT serrated knife sharpener is a diamond whetstone knife sharpening tool that gives an excellent result. It does not give your serrated knife sharp edges but also gives works as a gut hook sharpener, conical files, and even mini steel. While sharpening, you don’t need to add any oil and you can use it dry or add water.

Guided Sharpener

Guided sharpeners are also available for sharpening serrated knives. It’s a package knife sharpener that has included bread knives. You can try Plastic, Synthetic, or for light use Tungsten carbide and Ceramic sharpening tools to sharpen your knife.

A Square Stone

A square stone can be a last resort when you don’t have any other reliable tools to sharpen your serrated knife. It might not give you the best result as any other tool but you will get a sufficient edge from it. There are many other ways to sharpen a knife without a sharper but for a sawtoothed blade flat stone works best.

Sharpening Tips

Here are some useful tips to bear in mind to sharpen a serrated knife.

Sharpen Only If Required

You don’t need to sharpen your knife all the time. Because it will never be dull if you infrequently use it. So, only sharpen it when you feel that the knife lose its sharpness.

Use A Rod That Matches The Blade’s Tooth

It is essential to choose a rod that will match with blade’s tooth because it will be more comfortable to work with that kind of tool.


Can you sharpen a global bread knife?

Yes. You can sharpen a global bread knife if you want to sharpen it. On their website, they claim that their serrated knife does not need to be sharpened. There is no need to sharpen it.

How do you sharpen bread slicer blades?

A slicer blade or serrated blade is the same thing. Like any other knives in your kitchen, you can sharpen your knife by using the right tools for it. You can use a sharpening rod, DMT knife sharpener, Guided sharpener, and a square stone.

What is the best knife for cutting bread?

As always when it comes to slicing bread no one can imagine a better knife than a serrated knife. It is the best knife to slice bread faster and easier. It is designed for slicing bread-like foods that are soft but difficult to slice with a straight knife.

Why are bread knives so long?

The idea to make bread knives for so long is that it gives the user the benefit to cut large sides of anything more accurately and smoothly. The long knife is also comfortable for back-and-forth motion while slicing hard or soft food.

Is a cake knife and a bread knife the same?

As cake and bread are the same types of food, it is no wonder that you can use a similar knife to slice both of them. And serrated knives are more ideal for this than any other knives. A bread knife is designed to slice bread-like products.

Ending Thoughts

There is a saying that “ a sharp knife is a safe knife”. Thus, it does not make a difference what kind of knife you are using now. It can be a chef’s knife, it can be a bread knife and even a fruit knife. All you need to do is make it sharper so that you can cut, chop and slice with it longer.

Therefore, like any other knife in your kitchen, you can sharpen your bread knife as you want. There are no hard and fast rules to sharpen it every day. As you are the owner of your knife, you have full control over it.

But as a rule of thumb don’t sharpen it every day if don’t use it infrequently. If your sharpening technique does not work well. You should take it to a local sharpening expert to avoid damaging your knife.

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