Best Knife Sharpener Under $100: Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for an affordable way to restore your knives to their original sharpness without breaking the bank? If your answer is YES, then you are in the correct place. In this article, I will show you some of the best quality, lightweight, and affordable knife sharpeners under $100.

A good quality knife sharpener should offer three features: safety, convenience, and accuracy. These criteria apply not only to home kitchen knife sharpeners but also to industrial ones. You’ll also need to consider other factors such as price and warranty.

There are two types of sharpening methods: manual and electric. Manual sharpening uses hand pressure to sharpen the blade. Electric sharpening involves applying force to a rotary wheel. 

Both produce similar results when sharpening blades. Most manual sharpeners come with instructions, which can also be found online. You usually only need to follow the manufacturer’s directions for electric models.

How Do I Choose A Good Knife Sharpener?

Is the quality of knives important? If yes, why don’t you take care of them properly too? There are countless options that claim to be good knife sharpeners. A sharpening stone or steel is an essential tool for honing a knife’s edge.

When you sharpen a blade using a coarse stone, you’re creating friction along the blade’s surface. This causes metal to wear, resulting in a shorter life span.

If you want longer-lasting knives, you need to use sharpening steel instead. With that said, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a knife sharpener.

Choosing the best knife sharpener can be tricky. There are plenty of cheap knife sharpeners but they aren’t as good as their expensive counterparts. As a result, you’re left wondering whether spending a little more on quality kitchen knives is worth it.

When purchasing a new knife sharpener, look for features such as high metal retention and a magnetic base. These are important because they prevent the unit from slipping off the table or countertop where it was placed. Also, make sure the surface area of the base is large enough to securely support the steel.

The best way to choose a good one is to check their pros and cons and determine whether they meet your cooking requirements. Choosing the wrong one can result in some annoying problems such as dull blades that don’t slice well, broken knives, or burnt skin.

When buying a knife sharpener, consider the features you want, the price range, and the brand or model. If possible, try out each model before purchasing it.

Quick Pick Section

Image Name What We Like Price
Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Electric knife sharpener, Long-term durability, Used in multi-functional work, Gives a razor-sharp edge Check Price
WorkSharp Precision Adjust Sharpener Gives accurate sharpening, Very safe and secure, Water or oil is not required Check Price
Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener Less expensive; Being small, there is no problem in storage; Long-term durability; Check Price

Top 10 Best Knife Sharpeners Under $100

In my life, I have used many knives for my profession. So, I also had to use a sharpener to sharpen the knife. From my real-life experience, I selected the top knife sharpener that created a soft corner in my mind. They are really good and comfortable to use.

1. Mk.2 WorkSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

WorkSharp MK.2 knife and tool is one of the best 20 and 25-degree knife sharpeners which sharpens all kinds of knives and tools. It has flexible belts, sharpening guides, and two-speed motors that make sharpening faster, and easier than before. MK.2 also provides the best electric knife sharpening system for under $100.

best 20 and 25-degree knife sharpener and best electric knife sharpening system for under $100

The belts confirm the sharpness of knives like pocket knives, kitchen knives, and even serrated knives, and tools like scissors, axe, and pruners. Sharpening guides give accuracy and repeatability to get an accurate edge angle. You can change the angle from 25 to 20 degrees quickly.

Moreover, the two-speed motor controlling system gives you an extra benefit. When you have to need a sharpening knife use low-speed and for tools use high-speed. The edge guide of this system creates consistent edges.

MK.2 is a fantastic sharpening kit that gives a better user experience. I am very comfortable using this type of sharpener. It gives me a tremendous edge so I always get good cutting experience.

In this box, you can get the desired sharpener and abrasive belts. Work Sharp is the manufacturer of these sharpeners whose model is WSKTS2. Product Dimensions are 7.02 x 2.26 x 1.27 inches with 1.12 ounces weight.

Why Do I Love It

  • Electric knife sharpener
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Give razor sharpness quickly

Take Note

  • When it is “on”, can not lock the switch
  • Not appropriate for lathe tools

2. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08810 is one of the best budget electric knife sharpeners under $100. This EverSharp sharpener has three stages that give professional results. 

You can sharpen thick, medium, and thin knives by selecting the blade selector. It adjusts the blade guide for optimum sharpening angle. And the blade guide holds the knife for proper sharpening. On the other hand, an extra-fine-grit ceramic wheel assures the razor sharpening of the edge.

best budget electric knife sharpeners under $100 | best portable electric knife sharpener

This is the best portable electric knife sharpener I have ever seen that sharpens the kitchen and sports knife quickly. Moreover, it also makes it easy to sharpen a knife. Because it has a precision guide that holds the knife at a perfect angle. It has suction cup feet which gives more durability when sharpening.

It is a great electric sharpener that gives you razor sharpness. Professionals or chefs choose this quality knife sharpener. Moreover, it is easy to operate and worth the price. However, this product is terrific for sharpening a dull knife. And it assisted me for a long time.

Size: 18.43 x 11.25 x 2.18 inches, Weight: 5.07 pounds, Model: 08810, Color: Multi/None, Material: Plastic, Sharpening Wheel: Sapphirite, Section cup feet

Why Do I Love It

  • Electric knife sharpener
  • Long-term durability
  • Use in multi-functional work
  • Easy to use
  • Gives razor-sharp edge
  • Value for money
  • It has suction power

Take Note

  • Need 110v power to use
  • Can not sharpen scissors

3. Chef’sChoice Electric Knife Sharpeners

The Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener may be a good investment who wants to sharpen a knife. This is the best 20-degree knife sharpener on a budget. German or Western knives are appropriate for this sharpener. It sharpens both side edges of the knife with reliability and gives results fast.

best 20-degree knife sharpener | best small electric knife sharpener

In addition, it has two stages, and both are reliable for precision angle control. Every stage is 100% diamond abrasive so that it is fast for sharpening and long-lasting.

However, Chef’s Choice 312 model is the best small electric knife sharpener which is easy to carry. Stage 2 of this sharpener uses a 100% diamond micron scale. As a result, it gives a foolproof result in a quick process.

In every stage, it has a magnetic pad that collects the blade particles after sharpening. So it is easy to clean and reuse. The magnetic pad and small size gave me a soft corner for this sharpener.

It is very helpful for a person who likes small but electric and accurate result-processing sharpeners. Moreover, it is very easy to use and will fulfill your expectation about sharpness very well. Hard stainless steel knives take 2-3 minutes to give an excellent result using this machine, on the other hand, soft carbon steel knives require less time.

Size: 11.81″ L x 3.94″ W x 4.25″ H, Weight: 4 Pounds, Color: White, Material: Diamond-Coated Stainless Steel, Model: 0312000

Why Do I Love It

  • Used 100% diamond in stages
  • Worth the money
  • Electric knife sharpener
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • It is reliable as a fast sharpener

Take Note

  • 15-degree knife angle is not given the proper result
  • Do not sharpen the knife by pressing hard

4. WorkSharp Precision Adjust Sharpener: The Best Manual Knife Sharpner

Are you finding the best manual knife sharpener under $100 with modern technology? Work Sharp presents a precision adjust manual sharpener which will change the mindset of your sharpener idea.

best manual knife sharpener under $100

It has an angle guide and 3 abrasive sharpeners on the surface of the tool which makes the knife manually sharpen faster and easier. Tri-abrasive rod is another feature that takes the knife quickly to restore between 320 and 600 grit diamond stones, and fine ceramic stones. Diamond stones are sharpening the knife edge whereas ceramic stone horning the knife edge.

However, the sharpening angle is adjustable and repeatable very easily. It has a V-shaped removable clamp for knife safety. It uses Pivot-Response technology so that dull blades are sharpened with consistent contact. 

I got a long-lasting performance from this sharpener. For proper control, it has a stable platform with anti-skid feet. When sharpening, there is enough space around the handle to keep my hand safe. No water or oil is needed for these tools during sharpening. 

Size: 4.63 x 1.83 x 2.66 inches; Weight: 1 pound; Model: WSBCHPAJ; Color: Black; Grit Type: Coarse, Fine; Material: Neoprene, Ceramic, Plastic, Steel, Acrylic

Why Do I Love It

  • Gives accurate sharpening
  • Very safe and secure
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price
  • Water or oil is not required

Take Note

  • Do not have any base attachment
  • The abrasive width is too narrow

5. Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener

The Brod & Taylor classic knife sharpener is a new approach for sharpening any knife. It uses high-quality precision tungsten-carbide technology which is patented in Austria. Serrated to high-quality Damascus, all types of knives are sharpened safely using this sharpener.

With the auto-adjusting feature of its angle, it can sharpen, realign, and polish any knife’s blade automatically.

Brod & Taylor classic knife sharpener

However, the carbide sharpening surfaces are unique and ultra-hard from others which creates a V-shaped cutting edge. It is mounted with spring action bars for automatically adjusting with a different angle. This machine is so much more durable and I passed 5 years after normal use.

From my experience, I can say, it sharpens dull knives safely without removing any metal and removes the edge of the blade properly.

Brod & Taylor is a very simple, effective, and one of the best knife sharpeners under $100. It looks amazing and always gives you a fantastic performance after the sharpening period. If you have this kit in your home, do not worry about the dull knife. Its quick sharpening process will impress you very much.

Size: 4.25″ L x 3″ W x 6″ H, Weight: 0.64 Pounds, Model: KS-510, Material: Nylon, Color: Black, Grit Type: Fine, Coarse

Why Do I Love It

  • Less expensive
  • Being small, there is no problem with storage
  • Easy to use
  • Long term durability
  • Easy to hold

Take Note

  • Careless use can destroy the knife
  • Plastic body

6. Dalstrong Honing Steel

Dalstrong Honing Steel may be the professional solution to keep the knife edge alignment perfect. Its 10″ rod contains a triple rivet for length strength. The handle of this honing steel is made with a solid grip G10 material.

However, the tiny grooves of the rod help to back the blade edge and ensure ultra-sharpness. So, the knife will give you zero to maximum performance at work. This honing steel is ideal for most knives. In addition, Dalstrong has National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification for its better performance.

NSF certified and the best quality honing steel | Dalstrong Honing Steel

Safety is very essential for the hand when it sharpens a knife. During the sharpening period, Dalstrong Honing Steel always gives me protection. I use the full length of this steel for sharpening purposes.

The Rockwell hardness of this steel is 56+ which retains the edge sharpness and makes it more durable. On the other hand, solid height and ultra-durable steel give you 100% satisfaction. 

However, it is wear-resistant, and the cladding is rust and corrosion free which makes me more comfortable to use.

It looks attractive and does the job very well. It is a quality grade sharpener which is an excellent choice for professionals. 

The handle grip is very comfortable to hand and gives a premium feel. Whatever, this sharpener is weighty and sharpens quickly with easy handling. You can sharpen German and Japanese knives at home using this excellent quality horning steel.

Product Dimensions: 12 x 70.87 x 2 inches; Size: 10″; Weight: 1 pound; Rod Material: High-Carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel; Handle Material: G10; Model: GS-10inch-honing-steel

Why Do I Love It

  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable to grip
  • High durability
  • Easy to use
  • Rust resistant rod

Take Note

  • Rod and handle connection is poor
  • Neither full tang nor half

7. Inteli-topia Wet Stone Set

Inteli-topia provides a Wet Stone set that is the best knife sharpening system for beginners ever seen. It is a complete knife sharpening set that contains 2 whetstones (400/1000 & 3000/8000 grit), one flattening stone, one bamboo base, one angle guide, one silicon holder, and a leather strop.

best 15-degree manual knife sharpener. It is the best knife sharpening system for beginners.

However, the silicon holder is non-slippy and used for the bamboo base to keep pointing the blade edge safely. The flattening stone helps to relevel the whetstone after sharpening a knife. Moreover, the angle guide keeps the engle sharpened whereas the leather strop is for polishing the blade and removing the burr.

This is the best 15-degree manual knife sharpener under $100 that uses a dual-sided whetstone. This wet stone is made with aluminum oxide and is very easy and economical to use. It is designed for water, oil can damage the grit.

400/1000 grit whetstone sharpens a dull knife quickly, and 3000/8000 grit gives razor-sharp with a fine polish. Though it is a stone, it does not break easily so you can use it for a long time. And can sharpen all blades including scissors, and axes.

It looks very cool and fantastic. Oh! This incredibly inexpensive wet stone set has a stone fixer that flats my stone easily. I think it is an excellent sharpener set for newbies to start sharpening. The angle guide is very helpful to give the right angle and razor sharpness.

Size: 9 x 8 x 3 inches; Weight: 5 pounds; Color: Red, Blue; Total kit: 7cps; Grit Type: Coarse; Material: Aluminum oxide

Why Do I Love It

  • Worth the price
  • Use good quality stone
  • Easy to use
  • Very strong and durable
  • Good for beginners

Take Note

  • Leather strop seems little and thin
  • Oil for soaking is not allowed

8. MITSUMOTO SAKARI Professional Knife Sharpener

The MITSUMOTO SAKARI is a black color Japanese knife sharpener that has 3 V-shaped stages. Tungsten alloy, ceramic, and diamond are the materials of these 3 stages. It has the ability to sharpen a wide range of tools. It is made with ABS plastic which confirms its safety and provides a good controlling system.

Best affordable Japanese knife sharpener

Whatever, it has an angle adjustable knob for adjusting the blade. Coarse stage sharpening the dull knife and fine stage polishing it very well. Also, it has a scissors stage for sharpening scissors.

After a long time of use, I can say, it is a very fast kitchen knife sharpener for result processing and is handy to use. It works well in the kitchen for restoring the sharpness and shape of the blade. Also, it is very simple to operate and guaranteed a perfect result after use.

Moreover, the non-slip silicone base ensures the user’s safety and protects the surface under the sharpener. Because of its grip, I feel comfortable when using it.

It is an affordable and multi-functional knife sharpener that gives you fast and accurate sharpness. Though the small size, it is handy and also gives the right angle.

Size: 10.67 x 3.15 x 2.17 inches; Weight: 9.9 ounces; Material: High-quality ABS plastic; Grit: Coarse, Fine; Stage: 3; Color: Black

Why Do I Love It

  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Multifunctional sharpener
  • Easy to hold
  • Very lightweight

Take Note

  • Not for serrated blades
  • Sharpen only with 14°-24° angle

9. TUO Knife Sharpening Kit Honing Steel

TUO brand is very famous for its knife and sharpening kits. It makes an 8″ horning steel that restores the alignment of a knife edge perfectly. It is one of the best knife sharpeners not only under $100 but also $30 and will give you a maximum work guarantee.

best knife sharpeners under $30

Furthermore, this honing rod makes with hardened Carbon steel and black Pakkawood is used for the handle. So, it looks attractive and will give you a comfortable grip on your hand. Moreover, it is full-tang, and the rod is inserted into its full handle. So, it ensures strong durability and excellent resilience.

The sharpening process is very easy and in a short time, it prepares the blade for zero to maximum performance. This beautifully designed honing steel gives you comfort when using.

However, it uses chromium plates, so rust and corrosion can not destroy the rod. Also, for its magnetized feature, small particles are not airborne during sharpening. It provides a 15 to 20-degree sharpening angle for any big to small knives.

This sharpening steel fits perfectly in my kitchen with other tools. However, this good quality product works well and is very affordable. Packaging is very attractive. Only for one pass, my knife makes sharp. I am satisfied because this honing steel is a work of art for my kitchen.

Package Dimensions: 15.63 x 5.31 x 2.87 inches; Size: 8 inches; Weight: 13.7 ounces; Model: TC1209; Rod Material: German Stainless Steel; Handle Material: Pakkawood; Color: Black Hawk

Why Do I Love It

  • It is lightweight
  • Very cheap and giftable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Corrosion and rust-free rod
  • Handle is not made of plastic

Take Note

  • Is not long enough
  • Only for a 15-20 degree sharpening angle

10. AnySharp Essentials Knife Sharpener: The Best Affordable Pocket Knife Sharpener

AnySharp presents another best knife sharpener not just under $30, but also under $20. For a long-lasting life, it uses tungsten carbide technology.

This small sharpener is perfect for 20-degree angle sharpening tools and has a PowerGrip suction cup under the kit for protecting the surface of the table or other sharpener holders. By the way, if the usable sharpening tools are dull, you can easily replace them.

best affordable pocket knife sharpener under $100

AnySharp sharpening tools make your blunt blade super shape easily. Its sharpening process is simple and very easy. You have to pull through the knife in it only 3 to 4 times. For better results, you have to confirm the light pressure. 

Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly product and does not need electricity or a motor for use. Also, will give you a noise-free environment during sharpening. Since the body is made of polymer, it will feel much softer in the hand than metal and give you better durability.

This AnySharp product is perfect for avid home cooks, and users do not need skill for sharpening it. I am also happy with its compact size because it is easy to store in a drawer. It provides excellent results with very little effort. I reviewed it as the best affordable pocket knife sharpener under $100.

Size: ‎2.48 x 2.48 x 2.76 inches; Weight: ‎0.5 Grams; Model Name: ‎Global; Color: ‎Blue, Silver; Material: ‎Plastic; Grit Type: Light

Why Do I Love It

  • Small size but effective
  • Lightweight
  • Very very cheap
  • Super easy to use
  • Sharpening tools replaceable

Take Note

  • Held down while using, otherwise, it will move
  • Not for scissors and well-toothed serrated knife

Tips Before Buying A Knife Sharpener

Buying knives are fun, but sharpening them takes time. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality knife sharpener before purchasing one.

However, if you want to enjoy cooking without having to sharpen your knives, then you probably already know that a good quality knife sharpener is essential. This guide shows you some of the things you should consider when choosing a knife sharpener.

Tips Before Buying A Knife Sharpener

1. What type of knife do you want to be sharpened?

A knife sharpener should be able to sharpen knives made out of different materials; for example, if you are going to sharpen a butcher’s knife, you don’t want to use a kitchen knife sharpener. If your knife comes from a factory, it was already sharpened before it got to you. You may have to buy the best knife-sharpening stone for your own knives.

2. Consider the size of the blade

Most knives have blades ranging between 4-8 inches long, but some larger ones can go up to 12 inches long. When buying a knife sharpener, make sure the blade is big enough to fit inside the tool.

3. How often do you use it?

If you are only using your knife once or twice a week, then get a regular hand-held sharpener. Invest in a power sharpener if you use it frequently.

4. Where do you keep it?

When the weather gets hot, put your sharpening tools away. Having them handy when they are not being used is not good because metal expands and contracts with temperature changes.

5. Make sure it fits well

Make sure the handle of the sharpener fits comfortably in your hand. Don’t let the handle slip off your fingers or stick to your palm.

6. Does it feel balanced?

Balance is extremely important when doing any type of exercise. Keep in mind that if you hold a heavier object, it will naturally become unbalanced. So, make sure that the weight of your sharpener matches the weight of your knife.

7. Is it easy to clean?

The best way to clean your knife sharpener is to wipe down its surface with a damp cloth. To prevent rusting, make sure you dry it thoroughly after each use. If you live in a humid climate, it’s recommended to store your sharpener somewhere where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Is BG42 Steel a Good Choice for Sharpening Knives?

When it comes to sharpening knives, BG42 steel is undeniably a good choice. Renowned for its exceptional hardness and wear resistance, bg42 steel for knife projects ensures long-lasting sharpness. Its high carbon content paired with vanadium and molybdenum alloys make it perfect for maintaining a razor-sharp edge, making it a top pick for knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.


What is considered the best knife sharpener?

A good quality knife sharpener will last forever and never wear out – even if it’s used regularly. Sharpening stones are very durable, making them ideal for professional chefs who have knives coming at them all day long.

For home cooks, a great knife sharpener will keep your blades sharpened for weeks or months. Though it depends on how often you use it and what type of stone you choose for sharpening.

How much should I spend on a knife sharpener?

The cost of a knife sharpener can vary significantly relying on the type and quality of the product. Manual sharpening tools such as honing rods or whetstones can be purchased for as little as $10, while electric knife sharpeners can range from $50 to $200 or more.

Do you need an expensive knife sharpener?

You do not need an expensive sharpening tool for a knife. Human is sharpening their knives without sharpeners using stones for centuries. Only 10% of sharpener contributes to sharpening a knife, whereas 90% depends on the technique. An expensive sharpener can give you an extra facility, but will not give the technique.

Are cheap knives harder to sharpen?

This concept is not true for all sharpeners. You can find some cheap knife sharpeners that are very very user-friendly and gives excellent results. But it is true that some cheap knives use lower quality steel or metal which makes them harder to sharpen.

Is it worth it to sharpen a cheap knife?

Most certainly! Most cheap knives are used high-quality carbon steel, not stainless steel. So it loses its edge quickly. As a result, it needs to be often sharpened.

Do knife sharpeners ruin knives?

No sharpener is made to ruin a knife. Generally, it depends on the quality of your sharpener and knife. An abrasive belt or wheel can destroy your knife. Also, your wrong technique can damage the blade.

Are diamond sharpeners better than stone?

A diamond sharpener is good because of its fast result. On the other hand, it is cheap, reliable, and easy to carry. But it has a drawback that it does not contain finer grit grade like stone. But if a diamond and a whetstone have the same grit, a diamond is better than a stone.

Final Words

In conclusion, knife sharpeners come in many different shapes and sizes. So, make an informed decision about the goods based on your wants and budget.

There is a lot of competition among knife sharpeners, which makes finding good knives harder. A quality sharpener that will cost less money than buying new knives. On the other hand, a bad product can ruin the life of a knife.

There are many good knife sharpeners available, but the ones we recommend are the best knife sharpener under $100 which are inexpensive, easy to use, and versatile enough to handle a wide range of knives.

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