Are Expensive Knives Worth The Money?

As a knife user, you may have a question: Are expensive knives worth the money? Well! You can find a clear conception of this question in this article. You can find below $5 to greater than $700 price knife in the market.

Knife price varies with brands, handle and blade materials, sharpness, blade edge, and features. However, I will also try to tell you the distinction between cheap and expensive knives. There are many categories of knives that we use in our daily life.

But in this section, I will mainly speak about kitchen knives. Because a proper knife for the kitchen is essential and it allows you to show your culinary skills.

Cheap Knives vs Expensive Knives

When you buy a knife, you can not understand if it’s worth it by looking at it. Here I will focus on some key differences between cheap and expensive knives.


An expensive knife’s blade is made of high-quality materials so that its stability, corrosion resistance, and sharpening capacity are good. Whereas a cheap knife does not contain these features properly.


The expensive knife’s handle is made with G-10, FRN, and titanium materials. On the other hand, stainless steel, aluminum, bone, wood, plastic, etc are used for cheap handles.


Expensive knives stay sharp for a long time and some never need to sharpen, while low-price knives get dull quickly. You can also check Best Knife Sharpener Under $100 from this article.


An expensive knife is more comfortable in hand than a cheap one.


Expensive knives generally contain full tang, whereas cheap knives are rat tail or half tang because of its strength and materials.

Tips: Keep in mind that a cheap knife is not always bad and an expensive knife is not mean a high-quality knife.

Here, I attach a sample video from the youtube channel “Taras Kul” to understand the difference through a live experiment.

Why Are Some Kitchen Knives So Expensive?

In my experience, this question is not always true. Because for your home kitchen, sometimes you do not need an expensive knife but a professional expensive knife is a better choice. Some kitchen knives are designed for professional work.

It is a common matter in the kitchen that a knife usually comes with water. So, if the blade materials are not rust-resistant, it will dull quickly. An expensive knife keeps its sharpness longer than a cheap knife.

The most expensive kitchen knives are forged and contain a full tang handle. Moreover, expensiveness also depends on a knife block.

On the other hand, less expensive kitchen knives do not give the right weight and balance to your hand.

Forged knives which are created with a piece of steel, are more expensive than stamped knives. Moreover, kitchen knife price mainly depends on its material, crafting, and brand.

From the above writing, how much to spend on knives, depends on the quality of work and expertise of the cook.

Are Expensive Knives Worth It

Are Expensive Knives Worth The Money

In one word, yes. It is worth the money.

As a rule, always good tools are more expensive. Knife companies always try to make expensive knives with better materials and long-lasting features. Typically, for quality control, expensive knives are made for professionals, not home cooks.

NSF or ANSI are supporting the use of an expensive knife for a professional cook. As a result, cooking will be more accurate and controllable for a chef.

Modern knife materials are too hard to support brittle steel tempering. On the other hand, no matter how much time you spend with it, 90% of quality knives stay sharp.

There are a few things to keep in mind while making this decision. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are getting what you pay for – good-quality knives will typically be more expensive than less-quality ones.

Secondly, brand loyalty can be a big factor – many people believe that certain brands have a better reputation for quality than others, and will therefore tend to be slightly more expensive.

Finally, some people feel that high-quality knives simply last longer and require less maintenance than lower-quality ones, so they’ll end up costing you more in the long run.

Globally all people prefer sharpening knives which are worth your money. Only in the USA will the knife sharpening market size expand by 6.5% from 2021 to 2028. However, we can say that an expensive knife has a sharpening feature, so it is worth the price.

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Why Are Good Knives So Expensive?

Although price does not always correlate with quality, good knives are usually expensive. Obviously, It has some reasons for this which I have listed below for you.

  • Making the process is hard and time-consuming.
  • Designed to use constantly.
  • Retain the sharpness for a long time.
  • Well balanced in hand with properly maintained.
  • Handle materials are expensive.


Are Japanese knives worth their price?

Japanese knives look much more beautiful than others and it has a single edge. As a result, it gives you a better performance in the kitchen for fish, meat, and vegetable processing.

Moreover, it is a lightweight knife that has a sharp edge. Now we can say, Japanese knives are worth it. For example, VG-10 is one of the famous Japanese knives.

Are Wusthof knives worth the price?

Wusthof knife is an excellent kitchen tool with a full tang and triple-riveted blade. As a german knife, it has a heavyweight. Wusthof is a stamped knife, not forged. It is very sharp and holds its edges very well.

In addition, it contains a minor gripe on the handle. From this information, we know that it is worth the price. But I think Wusthof knives cost too much.

Are Damascus knives worth it?

Damascus is an excellent and more expensive kitchen knife. It is worth it due to its blade stability, high quality, and craftsmanship. Though it has a high price tag.

Are butcher knives expensive?

Of course, it is expensive. Why? A butcher uses this knife for heavy work. So, it would be comfortable to use and have to give you maximum productivity. As a result,  blacksmith charges high for a good butcher knife.

Are cheap knives worth it?

In my opinion, yes. It uses cheap carbon steel which can not retain its sharpness for a long time. On the other hand, it uses cheap handle materials like plastic, wood, etc.

Why are expensive knives better?

Expensive knives are better than others because of its steel quality, blade durability, easily sharpenable, and long-lasting features.

Is a $100 knife worth it?

If a $100 knife has an excellent design with better materials, heat treatment, and long-term edge retention features, then it is worth the money. Also, you get a better feel in your hand, when you use it.

Closing Thoughts

Whatever knife you want to buy, that decision is yours. But I think, your professionalism will not want to buy a low-quality and cheap blade knife for your work. If you want the best kitchen knife, then the maximum time you have to avoid cheap knives.

However, an expensive knife has some exclusive features that make your cooking life easy and comfortable. In this copywriting, I have already discussed all of it. In conclusion, we say that expensive knives are really worth the money.

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